Does Recycling Reduce Prices of Goods and Services?

The depletion of ecosphere’s natural resources merits unsurpassed attention as sustainable development is undoubtedly at risk. Recycling alleviates suffering through introduction of economically viable strategies for survival (Miller & Spoolman 411). Access of goods and services is an exorbitant venture in the present day, demanding a thorough consolidation of efforts to reduce cost on of goods and services. Of great relevance, is to underline the various methodologies of lowering prices of goods and services through recycling. However, concerns over economic viability of recycling merits attention. There are observations that recycling initiatives are both intricate and exorbitant (Herbert 3).Although recycling ventures are faced with several challenges, some that heighten the costs of goods and services, the benefits in term of reduction of commodity prices by far outweigh the costs.

In the prehistoric era, life on planet earth became bearable since resources had no ecological limits. Additionally, people would live in small numbers exposed to unlimited fortune of overwhelming resources. However, in the present age, confronted by the harsh reality of resource scarcity and the upsurge in population, demands for massive consolidation of the available virgin resources is inevitable (Chiras 45).