Does implementation of mobile web app for medication reminder and health education increases treatment adherence among African American Males

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SCHOOL INSTRUCTION Week 4 Background and Significance paper (5- pages) with APA formatted bibliography The background and significance (B&S) paper is a 5 page paper in APA format that will form the introductory section of your capstone project. The B&S will introduce your clinical problem and the clinical context that led you to identify your clinical question. You will review the relevant background literature and theory related to your problem, and discuss its relevance to your local clinical setting at the unit, organizational, metropolitan, state, national, and international levels as applicable. You will discuss the potential benefits and challenges of addressing the clinical question in your local setting, and explore the larger contextual impact related to this problem. Please note, this paper will discuss the introductory background literature and theoretical basis related to your clinical question. It is not expected to report on the work you are doing to synthesize the evidence from 5 studies to inform your project protocol MY CLINICAL QUESTION PICO QUESTION — Identifying barriers to hypertensive treatment adherence among African Americans in community primary care clinic Patient population — (African American male with hypertension) Intervention Exposure — (implementation of mobile web base app for medication reminder and health education) Comparison — (Compared to traditional clinic generated patient education handout) Outcome— (increase patient understanding, improve quality of life and reduce health care cost) Time (3-6 months) .
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Introduction of the clinical problem and the clinical context that led you to identification of the clinical question Adherence is important for improved quality of life among hypertensive patients. Non-adherent hypertensive patients have been reported to be at more risk of suffering from and dying from stroke. Studies indicate that patients that fail to take their medication on time have a more than two times risk of dying after few years of taking the prescribed medicine to control hypertension (Christensen, et al., 2009). A Mobile web app designed to alert patients to take their medication improves African American males’ self- management for medication adherence. It aids in chronic disease management by improving patients confidence in adhering to prescribed medication to control blood pressure. I selected the topic from the school suggestions of topics for clinical Scholarly Projects driven by personal passion for increased quality of life among hypertensive African Americans. Non-adherence to hypertension medication is prevalent among African American men…….ORDER NOW>>>>>
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