Documentary Film

Documentary film is one approach to raising awareness about social problems in society. A documentary is a film or television program that seeks to “document” or provide a factual account of some social phenomena, social problem, or other aspect of reality. For this essay you need to watch and review a documentary film that addresses a social problem of your choosing. Your essay should address the following points:
• Provide a summary of the documentary.
• Discuss the social problem that the documentary seeks to address.
• Justify why the problem you have selected is important or deserves attention. In other words, why does it matter…why should society care about the problem you have selected…who is the intended audience?
• Provide a critique of the documentary. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the documentary’s treatment of the social problem? Does the documentary present any bias or fail to address important information?
• Evaluate. Do you personally feel more informed after watching the film? Have the producers of the film changed your mind? Do you feel like the documentary will make an impact in raising awareness or promoting social change?