Do vehicles with larger engines cause greater carbon emissions output?

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Group R Project – MIS – 73-213

  1. This report should be 15-20 pages long, including appendices of charts and graphs.

  2. You will be required to describe the data set in detail – what it contains.

  3. Why is this dataset important?

  4. Form a hypothesis about the data and construct some questions that will enable you to

either prove or disprove your hypothesis, based on the contents of the dataset.

  1. Describe your findings, based on the analysis of the data. Refer to charts and tables

that you will attach as appendices.

  1. Draw conclusions.

  2. Describe the learning experience provided by this project. Include challenges, ways you

addressed challenges, whether this expanded your understanding of R (or not) and what

you would do the same or differently to complete similar projects. Any other relevant

learning experiences are welcome here.

Answer question seven only for this assignment.