Do Nurses' Empathy affect the outcome of care?

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Compassion, burnout, staffing levels and lack of empathic attitude/skill are the main themes of this essay.


—-State that apparently the themes  are interlinked as staffing levels can affect the staff and cause burnout which in turn affects the empathic ability of nurses and their display of compassion–state this and back it up with evidence – reference


—–The inconsistencies and contradictions in the studies and researchers work can be brought forward from lit review. What did you find contradictory in the literature review?

—– How are the issues you have raised with the lack of empathy in clinical areas being addressed in research and clinical practice? What is out there?


—-As part of the recommendations how exactly would you say empathy in practice can be improved? The literature needs to support this of course and all the themes need to be addressed. – Compassion, burnout, staffing levels and lack of empathic attitude/skill


—–The policy and practice implications in nurses being more empathetic to their client/patients’ needs to be apparent. Individual Trust policy? NICE? NHS? NMC?


—–There should be a clear indication of what you have learnt from investigating this subject and accomplishing this literature review. Think about your CPD in future and consider the following questions: How has this made you are better practitioners? How will it assist in your future practice? Will it be beneficial at all? Who will benefit and why?



—- Knowledge gap (look for what is not been properly discussed in research for example empathy and ethnicity (some ethnic origins do not express empathy/are not expressive) or empathy and gender (some research say male do not express empathy properly/effectively)

——Discuss all emerging themes—-example Smith, John and Mackinaw say…. (Pick each emerging theme and discuss)  Compassion, then Burnout , then staffing levels and lack of empathic level eg Smith and Seams have a common view on burnout however John disagrees  but I say from observation/opinion that ………. is the case because Pam and Ella research/lit  concluded thus…… and another research by …… in Europe ….. Says ….( discuss each theme)

—- Look at d impact of burnout /compassion/staffing levels/ lack of empathic ability on NHS to say it affects staff this way, affects patients …… and affects NHS ……. (Tackle the themes one after the other)

—-Because I want to change what occurs in my practice area that’s why i am doing this

——look for evidence to back it up like statistic on how much it cost NHS on burnout? On complaints compensation? Staff sickness and how it affects patients experience.

—– Empathy, why is it important and how does it affect patient care/ outcome-back it up with evidence/reference

—–Find models/theories about empathy/compassion/ etc e.g. hierarchy of needs, adoption of the sick role etc (about 2 models each, at least 1)

—–Hospital policies—- how does it affect the outcome of care i.e. hindrances to nurses showing empathy eg organisational culture of the hospital, can affect the way the nurse displays empathy/compassion, — link to NMC code of conduct ensuring you don’t cross professional boundaries as it has a very thin line (it is important to stay within professional boundaries —- i.e. discuss briefly when empathy goes wrong and boundaries are crossed.)

—-Ensure the question raised was answered ie do nurses empathy affect the outcome of care in conclusion…… based on the research done i have been able to ascertain /determine that empathy does affect outcome of care in majority of cases, so…. &….so also agree with this point of view

—–Ensure you mention recommendation eg employing new staff to deal with the staff shortage  and retraining staff-training on conflict resolution and customer care (how to relate to your patients) to address/reduce the complaints …..staff appraisals so they can hear staff views and take it onboard to act on it……..patient and family surveys should be implemented so patients can say their expectation and ensure the family and friend that come to visit can say what they experienced , what was good, what needs improvement on the ward (ref please)