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The essay should follow this abstract:

This paper examines the distillation process and its basic theory. Types of distillations there are (i.e. reactive, extractive, or simple), as well as when is each of them is needed. Also, the basic components of distillations are discussed as well as the type of column a distillation can be carried out in (i.e. batch or continuous). Some design principles of the distillation column in regard to the operating and equilibrium lines are discussed as well as the column internals (i.e. trays and plates). Some factors affecting distillation column in operation are inspected. Some insight on distilled beverages is examined as a practical application of distillation as well as some industrial applications are discussed.

Word count must be indicated at the end excluding all front matter, graphs, tables, and appendices. Minimum is 4000 words.

All sources must be credible and no websites.