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This weeks discussion board question is :Imagine yourself as a conflict resolution specialist, which of the following two principles would be your guide in a conflict situation? Explain your reasoning and illustrate with an empirical example. “A conflict resolution intervener should always take the side of the weakest party.” OR “A conflict resolution specialist should only be guided by the need to resolve conflicts.” To answer this weeks Discussion board, First you need to read Chapter 17 , The PDF ONLY. In order to answer this this is just like the other discussion boards that i ordered in the past, You are supposed to read other peoples discussion, There are 6 replays in the past discussion, I want you to read each by each, See what are other students response, i want you to write the best response from your view. Show page number, for supporting a definition you got from Chapter 17. Just follow other students, the way they wrote their response. You need to show that you understood Chapter 17 FULLY. No citation needed. Just Cite like other discussion boards. Just say the page number in front of the line.
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