Discuss the role of authenticity in heritage tourism. Illustrate your answer using case studies.

Please find FILE 1 (the topic you sent)and FILE 2 (The agreement and little adjustments of the topic you sent from the professor regarding the topic you sent and how the paper should be and its relationship between outline and the final paper).
File 3 will be the syllabus of the course, which you’re familiar with.
Please make a specific attention to the comment from the professor in FILE 2 because even if the topic has been approved, he asks for some adjustments that must be done, please.
(2 for planning and one for third part cover the both the outline and final paper of terrorism.), so the total will be 4 requirements ( 2 for planning, which are NFPA and Final project that I sent in the revision of the other order) AND (2 for terrorism, which are the outline (PowerPoint) of this order and the final paper whose its base should be the outline you will do here in this order.
Please keep the same topic you sent in file 1, but apply the message from the professor in FILE 2.