Discipleship Matter 1

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“Disciple” is a noun and a verb. In this assignment, we will look at how discipleship moves a believer from an “observer” to an “engaged follower-and how being “engaged followers” contributes to living in the presence of Christ-daily!


In 275 words, write your responses to the following questions:

Explain the difference today between what it means to be a believer in Jesus Christ ad what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. In what ways are the words believe” and “disciple”-to be lived out each day?

Who have been mentors along the way in your life? In what ways did you follow them? As a follower of Jesus, how are you now leading your life, “your whole life, your real life,” as “he would lead it if he were you” (Willard 1998, 318)?

Consider how you would disciple others in your ministry setting by “bring them to believe with their whole being the information they already have as a result of their initial confidence in Jesus” (Willard 1998, 318)?