Digital media artists and Baudrillard

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“Surely the extraordinary success of artificial intelligence is attributable to the fact that it frees us from real intelligence… Surely the success of all these technologies is a result of the way in which they make it impossible even to raise the timeless question of liberty.
What a relief! Thanks to the machinery of the virtual, all your problems are over! You are no longer either subject or object, no longer either free or alienated — and no longer either one or the other: you are the same, and enraptured by the commutations of that sameness.” (Baudrillard, ‘Xerox and Infinity’)

Discuss the work of two (2) digital media artists who deal with issues such as freedom, social inequality and mass consumption. T o what extent do their works challenge the claims that Baudrillard is making above? You should focus on one (1) work by each artist.


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