Dichotomous Key to British Columbia Mammals

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Order Details
This order is for a dichotomous key for British Columbia mammals. All of the animals etc… that I would like to be in the dichotomous key are in the example dichotomous keys that I will upload. There is no need for citations. My last order from this website was good in terms of not putting too much white space. The examples that I will upload have a lot of white space. the documents named "Dichotomous key to BC Mammals (2)" has only about 1000 words yet it takes 17 pages, and the other document I will upload is probably around 4000 words but takes 22 pages, and so I would like this order to not have this white space, the tighter the better since this website charges only by page and not by word count. I don’t need there to be any pictures (I will add these later). I would like if after you write 3 pages if you could get the support people send me a text message, so that I could see a draft of what has been done so far, if it’s not done in 3 pages (I’m not sure if this document can be finished in 3 pages). You can use some of the characteristics that are in the examples (in some cases there may be no other trait to distinguish between animals etc…) if you change it a bit as well. Both examples received 90% so which ever style you choose to take is fine.
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