Diageo and Mey Icki deal

I have a presentation of 10 slides to hand in by tomorrow midnight (UK time). It is about a post-acquisition deal between the UK spirits company Diageo and the Turkish brand Mey Icki. I have got a presentation of 10 slides already for when I presented in class with my group, however, that presentation was focusing on a deal pitch before the deal went actually through (so in 2011). Now I kind of need to look at it in retrospective, so further analysis. I have a case study for it and the presentation, which I could provide you with. I also have a merger market login, if that is of help to you. How much would it cost to get the 10 slides done from you by tomorrow evening? Enclosed you find: the case study to the deal, a presentation that was given from a Diageo employee at the university and my group presentation on the deal (as of 2011), so pretending we were the advisers to Diageo on this deal.