development of oral english

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development of oral english
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xx xxxx xxx the two things xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx In xxxx education, xxxxx are two xxxx xxxxxx xx emphasize xxx xxx is xx describe xxx effects xx xxxx education xx xxx development of xxxxxxx speech xxx xxxxxxxx skills xx deaf and hard xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
2. Identify xxx two xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx education:
xxxxxxx The two approaches xxx
xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
xx What xx xxx main focus xx xxxxxxxxxx approaches?
xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx focus on xxx xxxxxxx distance xxxxx xxxxx xx called audition. Speech reading xxx xx included xx needed.
4. What is xxx xxxx xxxxx on xxxxxxxxxxxx approaches?
Answer: xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx Approaches is x balanced approach xx xxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxx xx xxx development of the two xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx senses which xxx audition and vision. The xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx also include xxx xxx of a xxxxxxx component.
5. What xxx xxxxxxxxxx to be the “xxxx xxxxxxx” for xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx Hard of
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