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Guideline for Coursework 1 (report on your own presentation)

The following guidelines are regarding what you may include in your presentation. Please do not treat this mechanically i.e. to write 80 words for each point, some of the sections may require less and obviously points 3, 4 and 5 are the major part of your report.

  1. The group names, title of presentation, the number of times you met, and the major discussions you had. Make sure you write a clear introduction and conclusion. *( We’ve met 4 times).
  2. The number of articles you have read (name at least 3) and how and why they have helped you to develop your arguments. What were the major contributions of the articles for your group presentation?
  3. The general approach of the articles; how did they examine the concepts and theories? Why and how do think it helped you to deliver your presentation?
  4. The method/s employed by the articles that you think assisted you with your presentation.
  5. How successfully did you deliver the presentation, consider conceptual, theoretical and empirical (case studies).
  6. Did you communicate well with the other students? How well did you respond to the questions?
  7. Do you think you integrated the conceptual, theoretical, and empirical parts of the presentation well? If yes, please provide some reasons of why and how?
  8. Having completed your presentation, what is your final reflection; where do you think you could improve? How would your presentation help you with your other coursework including your essay? What did you learn from this exercise?
  9. Proper referencing and bibliography.