Developing a human resource plan for employees



Company’s Mission/Vision for employees — Discuss

Recruiting Procedures: Discuss/Address
• Recruiting Methods (Internet, newspaper Ads, Career Fairs, etc.)
• Indicate if you will be using outsourcing
• Address Legal Issues
• Managing diversity
• Internal recruiting
Hiring protocol which is called a work agreement: Discuss/Address
• Paid vacation, overtime, probationary period
• Bonuses, salaries, benefits, etc.
• Work scheduled (working days and hours)
• Telework
Templates: Formulate samples
• Sample Job description (p. 188) – include general phrase
• Checklist of Hiring protocol (criminal background check, DMV record, References)
• Sample performance evaluation
• Sample news advertisement for position
Retention Issues—Address/Discuss
• Managing Employee Turnover (Exit Interview/Employee Survey)
• Retention management interventions (absenteeism/problematic areas)
• Evaluation: Improve retention — How will you track information?
EEO Compliance- Sample/Discuss
• Sample procedure for the EEO compliant process
• Incorporate Equal Employment Laws
• Sum up how this plan will be an effective measurement tool for the company
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