Develop a Casual Chain

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As the lectures for this topic indicate, there are two ways to argue effectively that one phenomenon causes or influences another: causal chains and inductive reasoning. The most common and persuasive approach is the former, in which each step in the cause-and-effect process is itemized and explained. There is an excellent example of how to use direct explanation in the creation of a causal chain on page 262 in your textbook (Link Below – Please Read – I will also attach as a file although it’s better to view the ebook.

Develop a causal chain showing how the invention of the automobile led to changes in sexual mores (Ramage, Bean & Johnson, 2012, p.260).  






  1. Writing Arguments: A Rhetoric with Readings

Read chapter 12 and “Video Games and Their Influence” in Part 6 of the textbook.


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Electronic Resource

  1. Argument

Read “Argument,” from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Writing Center.


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  1. Argumentation

Read “Argumentation,” from Psychology of Classroom LearningAn Encyclopedia (2009).


  1. Causal Law

Read “Causal Law,” from Dictionary of World Philosophy (2001).


  1. Fallacy

Read “Fallacy,” from the Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia (2011).


  1. Using Logic and Reasoning: Successful Speaking

View “Using Logic and Reasoning: Successful Speaking,” from Films on Demand.