Design for manufacturer

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Design for Manufacturer


Within a small product design firm, you are tasked with the design and manufacture of a display plate that will show the company name and logo. There are no client imposed restrictions on material, however the sign is to be attached to an external wall in the open environment.


Task (3.3)

List the appropriate equipment required to perform a QA (Quality Assurance) inspection on a prototype Acrylic display unit with consideration to the dimensional and mechanical tolerances.

Implement a suitable inspection regime for the volumes of 1, 10, 1000. Specify cost effective methods that could be implemented under the production of greater numbers of units.

Outline automated methods for dimensional QA inspections and list the required equipment used in the inspection of:

  • Surface hardness,
  • Elasticity,
  • Surface finish,
  • Optical reflectivity,
  • Internal structural integrity.