Design Assignment (auto CAD/ Solid Work Frame)

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



A CD containing o All Solidworks  CAD files, (parts, assemblies, drawings, and images). o An electronic version of your report in Word format. here are some details of assignment· Details of how the product will be assembled (limits and fits, fasteners, etc.) o A table of components sourced, indicating where they will be purchased from, price, etc. (max. 1 page) o Technical drawings of all components you have designed yourself o An assembly of your final design including a parts list o A photo rendering of your final design. § An explanation of how your design meets the product design specification § A justification for your choice of material and manufacturing techniques § A brief description of your proposed design § All design choices made, such as material must be briefly justified in a report. A brief design report, containing: o Your concept sketches with annotations/notes explaining the concepts and a brief justification for why one particular concept is most suitable (max. 2 pages) o An explanation of your final design (max 2 pages), including: · All technical drawings produced in CAD must adhere to BS8888 and include all suitable dimensions and tolerances where applicable. · You must present you design as a series of technical drawings, including an assembly drawing and rendering of your final product. · You will have to source any required components such as bearings, fasteners and springs. · Based on that concept you must produce a CAD model of your design using the skills you have learned through the module · You will then select one design to take forward, justifying why that design is most suitable · Initially you must present 2-3 proposed concept designs, hand drawn. This can be simple annotated sketches explaining each design ·have to design two models and have to write 2 page describing and evaluating models For the final part of this module, you are provided with a design brief, for which you must design and present a suitable solution. You will follow a typical design process, from concept generation to final design: