Description and Analysis of a Building




1) On the following pages are images of 3 buildings. Choose the building that you found most stirring or interesting in some way.

2) At the top of your reflective response, write down the number designation of the building you chose (Building 1, Building 2 etc.).

3) In a few sentences describe your initial response to the building, your “gut reaction” that made you pick it. Explain what specifically in the building caused that response, and why you think you reacted as you did.

4) In no more than 5-6 sentences, describe the building in your own words. Put in enough details so that a person who could not see it would be able to picture it from your description.

5) Use the concepts introduced in Lessons 1-5 to write a paragraph in which you briefly explain some of the main features of your chosen building’s structure and design. Imagine that you are visiting the building with some older relative who doesn’t know much about architecture. How would you explain the building to them, so that they understand it better? Here is a list of some of the concepts we mentioned, to get you started.
• Structural system(s) and principles used
•Symmetry or asymmetry
•Balance or imbalance
•Accretion of parts vs. subdivision of a whole
•Stability vs. dynamic motion
•Theme and variation
•Number, rhythm
•Color, texture and other surface properties

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