Democracy, Ideology, and Mass Participation

stating a clear thesis in your first paragraph, with strong and specific evidence to support that thesis, and a clear and connecting close. Question: In Chapter 2 of his “In Defence of Politics, 5th ed. Crick quoted Hannah Arendt from her “Origins of Totalitarianism.” Arendt wrote: “…it is painful to realize that (totalitarian regimes, such as the Nazis, or Marxist-Leninists) are always preceded by mass movements and that they command and rest upon mass support…up to the end.” In your own views, and taking what you have read in “Democracy,” and the above quote, what were Arendt, and Crick warning against? Is it a problem of “mass movements,” as such? Or is their perceived problem the product of crises such as World War I followed by the Great Depression giving rise to extreme mass movements against constitutional democracy? Or perhaps are both Crick, and Arendt beforehand, both over-reacting to long-past, historical totalitarianisms? Your essay should be 4 to 5 pages, single-sided and double-spaced, typed into the Moodle system, edited and spell-checked. Focus on, and stay with your thesis, from start to close.