Define the five stages of the psychological model of ethnic identity development presented in class.

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This course is about Asian American studies
Each question must write 3-4 paragraphs,please use my supply reading to finish these.
1:What is the difference between race and ethnicity? What does Tuan mean when she says that Asian Ethnics are “racialized” ethnics? What are the four characteristics of the Asian Ethnic experience, and what are examples of each found in Tuan’s study? How are these experiences similar to and/or different from those of White Ethnics?(For the book is [forever foreigners or honorary whites?]Mia Tuan)you can search it online
2:Define “intermarriage.” Describe rates and patterns of intermarriage among Asian Americans. How do they differ by ethnic group and/or gender? Then, describe the patterns of multiracial identification of Asian Americans compared to other racial/ethnic groups in the United States. In 2009, Judge Bardwell said he would not allow intermarriage because of his concerns about the offspring of these marriages. How do multiracial youth fare psychologically, educationally, and socially compared to monoracial youth?
3:Define transracial adoption. According to Donaldson’s study, what factors influenced racial/ethnic identity (or lack thereof) of Korean adoptees during childhood, and what factors influenced the eventual acceptance of Korean identity in adulthood? Using examples from other class readings and lecture, discuss how these factors are similar to and/or different from racial/ethnic identity among non-adopted Asian Americans (e.g. third and higher generation Asian Americans or biracial Asian Americans)? [i will upload this reading later]
4:Define “youth culture” and discuss its importance the in the lives of young people. Then, discuss Asian American youth culture in particular, and how it is shaped by social factors such as immigration, racialization, and stereotypes. Discuss one example of Asian American youth culture presented by your peers (other than your own presentation), and how and why it provides a sense of belonging for Asian American youth.[i will upload this reading later]
5:Define the five stages of the psychological model of ethnic identity development presented in class. Using examples from readings and class lecture, also discuss any structural factors that might influence the development of one’s ethnic identity. Using Gogol from The Namesake as a case study, discuss examples of how and when in the book he goes through each stage of ethnic identity development (if he does at all), and how his social context might have influenced the progression through each stage. [the book name is:The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri]you can search it from website.
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