'Death in the woods' by Anderson

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Sample Paper
‘Death in the woods’ by Anderson
Reasons why we should interpret the story of the old woman in the “Death in the woods” as narrator’s fabrication The story of the old woman can be said to be narrator’s own fabrication. The narrator of the story, “Death in the woods”, Sherwood Anderson, experience the events because the story is in first person narrative hence we should interpret the story of the old woman as the work of the narrator and that he witnessed it but he could not write the story at that time because of his age but fabricates it later as he tries to remember what happened. I can say that Anderson knew the old woman because from the passage, he tells us that the woman lived in a farm near the town where he resided (Anderson, 2004). This short story is narrated by Sherwood Anderson and was first published in 1924. The narrator tries to explain death and its connection to other lives. He is trying to seek meaning and splendor in lives of common people. Anderson makes efforts to organize his memories and get meaning out of them…………..ORDER NOW…..http://unimasteressays.com/order/
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