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The scenario

Tarbucks Coffee franchise provide promotional material for use in their coffee shops.In the US, customer loyalty cards have worked well, and data is available showing all purchases made with dates. In designing this material, marketing staff are keen to take account of customer purchasing habits including the popularity of certain combinations of products at different times of year ( with muffin). They would also like to check for any regional differences in buying behavior. However, this light use of business intelligence methods is not considered sufficient at present for Tarbucks to purchase any expensive BI product.

You have been supplied with a sample of the purchasing data, and asked find simple ways to conduct analysis of the data provided, as a prelude to further discussion at management level. Subsequent phases of the project will use the full purchasing data set, and the exercise is likely to be repeated next year.Management are keen to be able to respond quickly to fluctuations and have up-to-the minute reports, so building the business intelligence into anopen-source database product would be attractive. The terms of the franchise allow coffee shops in different regions to have a wider range of bakery and drinks items, so Tarbucks themselves have no complete list of products.