Data Storage and Management

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Data Storage and Management Project B Description 2013 – 2014 [35%] Choose either (i) 2 open source NoSQL data storage and management systems OR (ii) 1 open source NoSQL and 1 relational management data storage system Install and implement instances of your chosen NoSQL data storage and management systems. [10 marks] Devise and implement a test strategy in order to perform a comparative analysis of the capabilities of each system in terms of 2 of the following 5 characteristics: (i) Performance (ii) Storage and retrieval of Structured, Semi-Structured and Unstructured Data (iii) Scalability, Availability and Reliability (iv) Transaction Management (v) Security Where applicable you should record a set of appropriate metrics and perform a quantitative analysis for comparison purposes between the two chosen systems. [50 marks] Additionally, you must complete a technical report document including the following sections (max 3000 words): (i) Introduction (ii) Key Characteristics of Chosen Data Storage Management Systems (iii) Database Architectures (iv) Test Plan (v) Evaluation and Results (vi) Conclusion [40 marks]