Dance and culture identity

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Dance and Cultural Identity.ESSAY question 2015

1. Discuss Alvin Ailey’s development of a ‘composite dance body’ with reference to one or more works. Where possible use anatomical illustrations and/or other visual materials to illustrate your argument.

2. Distillation of movement and gestural economy are both terms which can be applied to the practices of Bharata Natyam dance. Discuss your own understanding of this dance form in light of your experiences this term. Where possible draw comparisons with particular dance works.

3. ‘Multicultural identities are not fixed and static but processual  and evolving.’ (Burt, R. 2004) Discuss Burt’s statement in relation to a choreographer or dance company whose work successfully fuses principles of traditional and contemporary dance cultures.

Choosing one of the above titles please write a 3000 word essay

Assessment Criteria 
• Knowledge, understanding and application of critical perspectives covered in this module.
• Critical awareness of intercultural performance practices as related to questions of colonisalism; postcolonialism; diaspora.
• The ability to organise  concepts, ideas and points of view through a consistent and coherent approach.
• Understanding, through appropriate application, of the language for dance description, interpretation and evaluation of culturally specific work.
• Use of appropriate scholarly apparatus to reflect research methods undertaken, eg. use of bibliography, videography, correct referencing.
• Clarity of expression, correct syntax, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure.