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Assessment item 3
Value: 45%
Length: 10-12 slides / 10 minute presentation
Submission method options
N/A – submission not required/applicable


Assignment 3 is a presentation assessment that is divided into two sections. Part A is a slide presentation and Part B is a recording of a live presentation to accompany the slides.
To effectively complete this assignment you will need to read and understand the CRM solution document applicable to Assessment 2. You are to take on the assumed responsibilities of ONEof the following three roles in the fictional company Tangle Corp. 
a) Sales Manager: Nick Rose – addressing the sales team.
b) Office Manager: Gloria Trump – addressing the administration team.
c) IT Manager: Sue Day – addressing the IT technical team.
You have just replaced that person and now have that role and responsibilities within the company. The proposal presented to senior management for a new CRM system from (Assessment 2) has been approved by the company and is going to be implemented in the coming weeks. You must prepare a presentation to your own departmental team to inform them of what the implementation of this solution will mean to them. The message of your presentation has the following objectives:
1.Allay fears and concerns that might exist in your team about the implications of this.
2.Deliver clear, concise and unambiguous information about what will happen.
3.Convince your team of the value of this solution to both them and the company as a whole.
4.Answer four fictional audience questions that they might reasonably present. 

The facts of the situation should be drawn from the information presented about Tangle Corp, the CRM solution document used in Assessment 2, plus your own reasonable fictional elaboration.
Only your ability to communicate is being assessed. If you lack sufficient knowledge of the practical considerations of such a situation then you should conduct adequate research on it sufficient only to make your communication of it plausible. 

Part A
Length: 10-12 Slides
Your slide presentation will be based on the Customer Records Management solution proposed in the document used for Assessment 2. The slide presentation should be created using all of the communication knowledge you have obtained during this subject.
Although it is intended to be a support tool for your personal presentation in Part B of this assignment and should therefore be closely aligned with it, the slide presentation should stand alone. It should have sufficient information to allow it to be useful as a document given to those staff that did not see your personal presentation. 

Part B
Length: 10 minutes
This is a video recording of a live presentation conducted by you to your team in person. The audience will be fictional and need not be simulated by any real audience. You must deliver a physical, personal version of your presentation which is aligned with and using your slides.
You should imagine yourself in an environment similar to a meeting room in the Tangle Corp offices. The actual physical environment is not important so long as it is conducive to an effective recording. Your slide presentation in Part A is intended to be your accompaniment and should align directly with, and be a tool for, your personal presentation. The content and purpose of your physical presentation is identical to Part A of this assessment.
In your recording you should ensure that you are standing and that you are fully visible (not sitting or obscured by furniture). Ensure that your personal image is large enough in the frame to see your face and facial expressions. Remain within the camera field of view throughout your presentation. Your slides need not be visible in the video frame, but you should announce or indicate each slide number in time with your planned progress through them.


Students are required to demonstrate the ability to create effective slide presentations and deliver them in person in a professional business setting. Students should demonstrate knowledge of effective presentation skills as well as the ability to convey an important message to a business team. Students should further develop the ability to use communication to create empathy, understanding, buy-in, clarity and support for themselves, their department and their company. Students should show the ability to use the specific tools of a slide presentation, their voice and their person to achieve communication outcomes.

Marking criteria

Part A
Create an effectively designed slide presentation using the principles of presentation design in this subject.
Create a presentation with a visual and textual message which aligns with and supports your verbal presentation.
Create a presentation which can adequately function as both a supporting tool for a personal presentation AND still be a useful stand-alone visual/textual presentation.

Part B
Deliver a personal presentation message which clearly and effectively explains the CRM solution as outlined in the A2 document.
Demonstrate stage presence, body language and physical confidence required for personal presentations.
Demonstrate good oration, verbal presentation and smooth delivery of your personal presentation.
Give a message which effectively allays fears and concerns and builds the confidence of your audience.
Give a message which is clear, concise and unambiguous.
Give a message which creates buy-in and support from your audience for the new solution.
Answer four reasonable (fictional) questions from your audience.