Current issues in accounting and corporate governance

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The essay requires you to select and critically analyse the failure of one Australian company from the
following list:
ABC Learning Centres
Allco Finance Group
Ansett Australia
Bond Corporation
HIH Insurance
Opus Prime
Storm Financial

Drawing from the readings, text books and your own research as the basis of your arguments, you will write

an essay outlining your view on how might a better application of the ASX Corporate Governance Principles

have possibly prevented the failure. You must only refer to and apply the ASX Corporate Governance

Principles in the Essay. The recommended changes should relate to at least three ASX Corporate

Governance Principles supported by agency theory and stakeholder theory. The essay must follow the

IDEALS framework and use EndNote for referencing using the APA 6th style. You must email a backup copy of the EndNote file used to develop the article to your Lecturer by the deadline.

A reference list is required but does not form part of the word count. Each page must use double spaced,

Times New Roman, 12 point font for body text. Paper size is A4 with page margins being 2.54 cm top and
bottom and 2.54 cm left and right.