Current Events

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Current Events Project: 15% of your grade will come from your current event assignment project. Submission instructions are located in Tab-1. In order to discuss the politics of the United States and the state of Texas it is necessary that students have a basic understanding of the current political situations in their state and country. I do recommend that each student routinely pay attention to some news source, such as National Public Radio, Newshour (PBS), CNN, MSNBC, FOX News or any variety of Internet news sources. For those of you who have already submitted the project, I am asking that you resubmit with the required parameters. You should only have only a few items to add to complete your assignment.

Current Event Project Requirement

You are required to write a one page (full page, one page minimum, you may write more) current event summary/opinion piece concerning the assigned topic located in Tab-1. You may use the format with which you are most comfortable. Here is a list of the requirements for the topic. 


1 full page (minimum)

Double Space

Times New Roman Font

12 point font size

An original title for your work

A summary of the information obtained

Your personal view/opinion on the topic

At least 1 outside source for your piece

At least 1 quote from one of your sources

A work cited page