Cultural Issues

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In the unit studies, you completed an interactive CapraTek activity involving the sales director’s receipt of an expensive gift. For this assignment, you will use that activity for context and incorporate the preliminary work you did during the activity. There are two components for this assignment.

First, prepare a final draft of the e-mail to Jason Lin with a recommendation of what to do about the gift. Please consider there may not be a perfect answer, and you may recommend a course of action that includes keeping the gift or one that favors returning it. Whatever course of action you recommend, it must be supported.

You should be aware that in Japanese culture, gift giving is a meaningful activity into which much thought is put, and there are occasions that the culture demands one give or receive a gift. You may find it helpful to do a little cultural research before formulating your recommendation.

Second, draft an organizational code of ethics that has a range of 10–15 guiding principles. This is not intended to be a response to Mr. Lin’s situation, but rather a means to addressing the broader issue that CapraTek employees need more context to help them avoid ethical conflicts. Again, you will probably need to do some research before finalizing your recommendation.