Critically evaluate the marketing communications of the Suffolk Business School – UCS

Order Instructions/Description

Academic and non-academic references.
Up to 5 non-academic -Student Blogs, Facebook,twitter (
Academic ref.
Journals: for example,Marketing Week
The Marketer
Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing

Books:Fill, C. (2011) Essentials of Marketing Communications. Prentice Hall

De Pelsmacker, P., Geuens, M., and Van den Bergh, J., (2010) Marketing Communications – A European Perspective, 3rd edition. FT/Prentice Hall

Kitchen P.J., De Pelsmacker P. (2004), Integrated Marketing Communications: A Primer, Routledge.

Fill, C. (2009) Marketing Communications – interactivity, communities and content. Pearson Education

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Naomi, K. (2009). No Logo. Picador

Marketing Week – Industry publication.
Office for National Statistics
Financial Times On-line –
BBC Online – business news –
Reputation Institute –

analysing the market environment (approx. 200 words)
– analysing the current marketing communication strategies, media and messages used by the Suffolk Business School to reach the students and the potential students (approx. 600 words)
– explain and evaluate the role of marketing communications in building UCS and Suffolk Business School brand (approx. 200 words)
– suggesting the future activities to be implemented in 2016 to attract and retain students (approx. 500 words)