Critical/Cultural Theory

Using the Critical/Cultural Theory, select ONE example of dominant ideology – the preservation of political, social or cultural status quo, and select three examples to support your premise. Take your three examples from one media form (i.e., radio or film or TV). Explain how your examples demonstrate the dominant ideology you believe is being enforced. For example, one form of dominant ideology is that women can never be thin enough or beautiful enough, and advertising supports this. Examples for detailed discussion could be advertising found in Cosmo, Glamour and Seventeen (magazines as the chosen media form). Another option would be to compare political coverage of current events – evaluate how Fox News, CNN and MSNBC cover a particular news story. You can also explore something like the hero mythology – who are the good guys and bad guys? What stereotypes are enforced? Consider the values embedded in popular action movies or television shows. Be sure to review and reference your text’s discussion of critical/cultural theory and other types of qualitative analyses, and consider the impact of economics and target audiences. These ideas should be clearly articulated and included in your paper. This paper should be 4-5 pages in length.