Critical Thinking Assignment

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


There are two parts to this Module 1 discussion:

Part 1: In the critical thinking assignment this week you reflected on a change story from your personal or professional life. In two paragraphs (3-5 sentences each), describe the circumstances and facts surrounding the change experience and one of the change lessons that you observed.

Cite one or more outside sources to substantiate your post.

When responding to a post from another student, propose how the change lesson might be used in circumstances other than your change experience. Cite sources and use specific organization examples to substantiate your proposal.

Part 2: Change is all around us. There are even associations devoted specifically to change! An example is the Association of Change Management Professionals; take a look at For this part of the discussion, please identify one professional association (other than the example above) whose mission includes change, change management, and/or organizational development. Post the name and URL for the professional association that you identified.

Then, when responding to a post from another student, review the student’s professional association’s website to discuss the following:
•Mission of the association
•Role in the field of change or organizational development
•Member profile
•Whether you were or were not aware of this association