critical review on produced water management:case study Nigeria, Norway and United states

i want every table and diagram to be referenced, the reference is going to be based on harvard coventry style, the produced water treatment review will be based on combination of different methods to achieve treatment, and also the results and discussion will be based on the vol of processed produced water, %vol of removal of organic and inorganic, the cost of each combined methods or methods. pls with references. a lot of reference. the advantage and disadvantage of the most recent methods to the other. methods should be combined method of produced water treatment and also the environmental impact if the water is not treated well, should be captured too. with all this, the should be a kind of comparison of the different treatment methods, with a scale. scale of 50% – 95% in terms of vol of removal of organic and inorganic, and different journal and materials should be consulted to achieve this and also cited on the table used for comparison, at list 4 authors for different methods. For the introduction part, it should have a very good gap, research question and objectives. In the introduction part, produced water and the project should be briefly introduced, the literature review part, it should explain intensively about produced water, the constituents and the most recent and effective treatment method. the current regulation on produced water. and any other relevant thing that needs to be added. pls the reference has to be very sufficient, at list with three lines, there should a reference. every strong words must come with ref.