Critical literature review of evidence to support Solution Focussed Therapy used in counselling

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Solution Focused Therapy:

Conduct a review of data bases to identify appropriate literature to include in the review.

Apply a critical analysis to the review of articles in order to gain a sense of the extent that the therapy has evidence for its effectiveness. Review the literature with the aim of identifying any methodological limitations that may apply to studies conducted.

Provide a synopsis regarding the state of evidence relevant to counselling practice, identify gaps in knowledge and provide suggestions for future research. Propose a research question, or hypotheses which could be explored in future research.


Literature Review; Demonstrates a comprehensive or highly advanced and insightful integration and synthesis of peer reviewed research.

Application of developing knowledge of research methods with the critique of research;Demonstrates an advanced understanding of research methods within the critique of research.

Is able to synthesise research via the identification of gaps; is able to generate ideas for future research; and discuss implications for counselling;Provides a sophisticated synthesis, incorporating the identification of gaps. Makes insightful recommendations for future research and or implications the practice of counselling. Language and style highly appropriate for the communication of research findings APA (6th edition)format and style and use of references are followed appropriately throughout.