critical evaluative essay about the the slavery in Africa by collin ( gonna attach the article from his book)

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For the problem you choose, write a short critical evaluative essay (1500 words) using the following guidelines:
Cover page: Should be the top paper with no page number indicated. It should only contain your name and the Problem number and topic you’ve chosen to write on. Introduction: Locate the problem you choose within a relevant theme covered or to be covered in class.
Main body: Identify each author’s argument/interpretation, and the strength/or its lack thereof in the light of what you have read/learned on that theme. Do they back their claims/arguments with objective historical sources?
Conclusion: Do you agree or disagree with their views? Give reasons for your agreement or disagreement.
Bibliography: Write these after your conclusion, on a separate paper. Your bibliography will be the main documents/references for each of the authors of the problem you chose to write about.