Critical Analysis

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



Word length: 1500 words You are required to write a 1500 word critical analysis of a short story (see below). Your analysis is meant to demonstrate the work that we have been undertaking in class up to and including week 8. Your analysis will follow all the standard enquiries of critical analysis that you have encountered in literary studies so far in that you will be looking to explain the use of devices to promote particular concerns and meanings in the story. Your analysis will specifically address how devices realize particular meanings and how those meanings are constructed through the positive use of narration and ambiguity. Criteria & Marking: This is an analytical assignment and will be marked on the following criteria: 1. Understanding of the course material so far. 2. Application of the course materials so far. 3. Demonstrated ability to analyse short fiction in line with techniques explained. 4. Clear and concise writing style. A short video will be placed on the Learning@Griffith site to further expand on these criteria. Please look under the assessment section in the next week. Story Selection: You can choose any story from the Object Lessons collection that will not be used for class discussion. This leaves the stories by the following authors: 1- Leonard Michaels 2- James Salter 4-Thomas Glynn 5-Ethan Canin 6-Steven Millhausen 7-Guy Davenport 8-Evan S. Connell 9-Dallas Wiebeless