Crisis Management

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



15 pages total, Paper is for Prior Learning credit(s). 10 pages on what book/class was about, 5 pages on how I have used my knowledge and applied it.
I am completing a Bachelors Degree and currently undergraduate for Criminal Justice Management. I need a paper on Crisis Management for Law Enforcement. While I have to focus mostly on a book that would qualify for classroom book, it has to be no more than 5 years old. I will forward that info for a particular book to be used as the reference. Other references (citations) I assume can be used, but more focus on just the school book. I chose (Crisis Management for Law Enforcement ISBN-13: 978-1611633054 ISBN-10: 1611633052.
I will forward a copy of school instructions.




The narrative is an essential part of the prior, guiding the evaluator  through the

student’s knowledge and experiences and identifying the significance of all of the

accompanying documents. The narrative should be a minimum of 5 pages and should

detail the student’s journey or path that led to the college level knowledge gained. This

is where the student convinces the evaluator about what he/she knows (theory) and

how he/she knows about the subject matter (experience or practice). All documentation

should be cited in the narrative, as appropriate. The student should use the learning

agreement as a guide because it identifies the specific competencies that were to be

learned as a result of the student’s prior experiences.

The student may also be guided by the following questions as the narrative is being



1) What did I learn and how did I learn it?

2) What are the key concepts, ideas, or theories that were learned?

3) What was the time span for this learning experience?

4) What individuals contributed to this experience?

5) What major problems were solved during the process of learning?

6) What were the social, personal, and/or professional impact of this learning


7) What are the implications to work, career, family, and/or society?