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SUBJECT: CRIMINOLGY (University level)

Using the following example below of a crime that appeared in the newspaper on 1 April 2005, answer the following 2 part question.

Apply the concept of sociological positivism by giving an overview of how sociological positivism can be used to explain the crime.
(850 words)

Use the sociological positivism perspective to provide possible explanations for and insights into the crime that you have described (around 450 words).

You don’t need to include every single element of sociological positivism! Rather provide a broad overview then use some of the ideas to explain the crime.
Sociological Positivism includes:
Durkhiem, Merton, anomie, strain theory (in its various forms).

AUS: company director jailed
WMLR Newsdesk
Friday 01 April 2005
A company director has been jailed for fraud
Mr Jeffrey Lucy, Chairman of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), today noted the sentencing of Mr John Phillip Gorcilov of West Lakes, South Australia, to five years” jail relating to fraud offences totalling over AUD8 million. The charges arose from a joint investigation by ASIC and the Major Fraud Section of the South Australia Police.
Mr Gorcilov was sentenced in the District Court of South Australia to five years” imprisonment with a non parole period of three years, after pleading guilty on 23 September 2004, to six charges.
It was alleged that between 1 December 1999 and 1 June 2000, he used a number of false names including John Tomaras, George Tomaras and John Sharpe at various banks in Adelaide. Mr Gorcilov and his father, Mr Filip Gorcilov who also used the false name of Peter Tomaras, fraudulently sought funding from these banks for transactions relating to proposed purchases of a major motel complex, shopping centre, residential premises and a luxury cabin cruiser.
It was also alleged that Mr Gorcilov used false identities and false company records, and lied about assets he and his father owned personally or through alleged off-shore companies, to obtain over AUD2.39 million from various banks and attempted to obtain over AUD6 million.
The jailing of Mr Gorcilov sends a strong message that neither ASIC nor the community will tolerate persons who act dishonestly and break the law for their personal gain”, Mr Lucy said.
People who are tempted to act fraudulently should take note of the sentence imposed on Mr Gorcilov today”, he added.
The matter was prosecuted by the South Australian Director of Public Prosecutions.
Charges jointly laid against Mr Filip Gorcilov, of Fulham Gardens, South Australia, have been withdrawn due to his present mental capacity.