Criminal Justice

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For this assignment you must follow this steps and answer every single questions. This paper assignment will invite you to take a topic of interest and then review the theories we have discussed in class so far through the lens of this particular topic. The paper will need to include three parts: 1.) a brief overview of a criminal justice topic you are interested in studying more thoroughly, and 2.) a review of three theoretical ideas we have discussed to date. Take each theory section and discuss how the relevant aspects of each theory apply to your topic OR do not quite fit and why. Do not forget to justify your assessments. Finally, 3.) as you close your paper, identify which school of thought makes the most sense to apply or integrate with your topic of choice and why. Here are the choices you have for theories: they are 8of them chose three. the classical school, the positivist school, the functionalist perspective, the Chicago school, the control theorists, the interactionist school, conflict/radical/Marxist theory, and feminist criminology. and my topic of interest is law and enforcement i wanna to be a police officer. or if you can come up with better field that you can answer these questions easily please do so. you can follow this guideline if you want. The introduction section of the integration paper should provide enough information about the topic you are writing about so that the reader can easily follow how you are making decisions as you decide and discuss how you want to critique and apply the theories under discussion. Remember, the goal for the introductory section is to set the stage for the discussion about the theories being discussed later in the paper. If you choose to create subheadings for each of the groups of theories being reviewed, be consistent with the formatting.
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