Craft an argument for a specific policy position on government regulation of the Internet

Topic Choice 1: If I Ruled the Internet In Chapter 9, Media Now! covers a number of ways that technology, government, industry, hackers, and others have influenced or will influence the future of the Internet. See in particular the sections “Reining in the Net” and “Old Media in the Internet Age” (pp. 274-276); “Tracking” (p. 264); and “Getting the Most out of the Internet” (pp. 297-303). Your task is to craft an argument for a specific policy position on government regulation of the Internet. Think about one (only one!) thing you dislike about the Internet. Your paper MUST address the following: What is it that you dislike? Why do you dislike it? (What are the specific problems it causes? Can you demonstrate this by citing outside sources?) Propose two or three specific government (local, national, or international) actions that could solve or minimize the problem. (Cite sources that support you here. Don’t just expect your reader to take your word for it.) Assuming none of your proposed solutions is perfect, what are some potential drawbacks to each solution you are proposing? What will the Internet look like if one or more of your proposed solutions is implemented? (Can you point to where this has been done elsewhere or in analogous media, as support?) As you can see, you’ll need to support your argument by conducting research to see what others have said. You must cite and provide a reference list of at least 4 separate articles. At least two of these must be from academic journals (not news magazines or popular press).