CPD portfolio- Mental health for practice

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Outline your objectives for completing 2 online CPD activity using the SMART format for documenting each objective: chosen activities include – Children of Parents with a Mental Illness : http://www.copmi.net.au/ – The Australian College of Mental Health Nurses Chronic Diseases eLearning: http://www.acmhn.org/component/content/article?id=394:all-elearning-modules for each activity write a reflection based on the questions on: • Why did you select the specific CPD activities? • How has completing these activities contributed to your ongoing learning about mental health for practice • How can apply this learning to your work as a newly registered RN • What ongoing learning needs have you identified as a result of completing this activity? • What strategies will you utilise address these ongoing learning needs I selected these CPD activities as the relationship between chronic disease and mental health was an area that I had little knowledge or skills in


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