Coursework, Education

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

For this assignment, locate and closely review a peer-reviewed research article (8-10 pages) related to a potential education-related topic you might want to research, perhaps for your dissertation. Ensure your research article is an original study that involves actual data collection and analysis, instead of a position paper or a meta-analysis of the reviewed literature. Be sure to critically analyze the study by including the following information:


Description of the problem or issue addressed.

Description of the purpose or intent of the study.

Description of the research question(s).

For a quantitative study, a description of the hypotheses.

Discussion of the theoretical framework and how it was used, as well as how well it was used, to formulate and guide the study.

Discussion of how well the study was justified with the use of an analysis and synthesis of the previous research literature.

Discussion of the selected methodology and corresponding design as well as the appropriateness of this choice to accurately address the studys research question(s).

Discussion of the potential flaws and/or limitations in the study as well as ways to eliminate or reduce them.

Summary of how the scientific method was implemented and supported.

APA formatted reference citation.

Length: 3-5 pages, not including a title or reference pages