Costing for the 21st Century

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Case assignment expectations: Cost Volume Profit Analysis and Costing for the 21st Century Read all the required readings in the background materials about Cost Volume Profit Analysis. Make sure you understand this method and the breakeven analysis which goes with these concepts. Now carefully read the following article: Copy the durable link for this document Copy URL below & paste into your document LENGTH: 3 pages typed and double-spaced The following items will be assessed in particular: Based on the above article and your prior readings, do you agree with the notion of value costing for the 21st Century organizations. Why or Why Not? Also based on the above article and other readings, why types of situations may be more appropriate for application of the some of the “tried and true” costing methods of the 20th Century? Are these industry or firm specific? Is Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis still relevant in the 21st Century business organization? Support your answer with reasoned arguments and references as appropriate.
Sample Essay
The demands in the current global world demands that business management methods be focused on systems which are effective in order to remain relevant in the competitive market. The accounting and costing methods used are therefore required to be effective as they are important in the decision making process. The customer in the 21st century demands to receive goods and services that are customized to his/her own specifications. The customer demands value (Connor, 2010). Since the enterprise is faced with high competition, it is only the enterprise that tries to offer the most-value added service who will survive in the 21st century. The new enterprises will therefore be required to adapt to management and costing methods that are more relevant in the modern world and those that are based on value costing. In the modern world, and pushed by the need to survive through global competition, it becomes necessary for an organization to offer the individual customer the most valued service and within the shortest possible time before customer decides to move to the competitor. The role of management accounting has had to change in order to meet the requirements of providing timely and relevant information needed for operational controls….ORDER NOW….
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