Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



The Unit 1 Assignment includes the following textbook problems:

Exercise 1-33 – found on page 29 in your textbook 

Problem 2-56 – found on page 62 & 63 in your textbook 

Problem 3-52 – found on page 92 in your textbook

Problem 3-53 (Case A – ONLY) – found on page 92 in your textbook 

Do not provide short answers to the questions. Provide a thorough analysis, using good critical thinking. Provide support for your answers using independent references. 

Your Assignment must be submitted in a single Word document. Your analysis must be 2 to 3 pages in length (Not including the title page and references). APA formatting is required, including a Title Page with properly formatted running head. A reference page is required. .

Abbreviated versions of the individual problem question titles may be used as headings to organize your analysis. Sub-headings may certainly be used and are specifically encouraged within each question for additional organization of your analysis. A properly formatted Reference List is required, and all references in the list must appear within the body of your Assignment in properly formatted citations. NOTE: Do NOT include the problem narrative in your analysis. You may use an abbreviated heading that references the problem number and a brief description.