Corruption Within The Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry

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The proposal is divided into 6 chapters, introduction, Literature review, methodology, Findings & discussions, self reflection, conclusion. i will be uploading a document that explains each chapter and marking criteria.
My research question is : How does corruption affect the Oil & Gas Industry as well as Nigerian economy?
My research objectives are : To understand how corruption within the industry affects the Nigerian economy compared to OPEC nations.
To analyse the major consequences of corruption within the industry.
To investigate roles the Government, IOCs & NOCs play in corruption.
To comprehend how perpetrators are held accountable for their actions.

My Methodology : Ontology (Truth) – Subjective
Epistemology (Knowledge) – Contextual, non-generalizable
Philosophy – Interpretivism

Methodology – Subjectivity, explores research objective, interprets, contextual, meanings.

Sample – Case Study

Ethics – Research design, integrity & justification.

Data & Data collection – Qualitative data consists of words. document images, observations, secondary data

Research Instruments – Primary data

Data Analysis – Induction, Thematic analysis

Timeframe – Cross-sectional

Theory – Produces non-universal/locally valid (Please note if you have any changes to make in my objectives or methodology go ahead)