Corporation Law(Australia)

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This is a research type Australian law assignment which requires extensive research and reading of several cases and therefore should only be attempted by the best of legal minds who have through knowledge of CORPORATIONS LAW.
In this assignment you are required to write a formal letter guiding the directors on topics
(example: 1.What options are available to the directors if they feel the company operations should be reviewed to see whether it can continue to operate or should cease?
2.What risks are the directors exposed to if they fail to take these options? ….)

Detailed instructions along with slides, marking scheme and links to sources will be provided and some more instructions will be added on 31/10/15.
To start the assignment read all slides, go through marking criteria, read the last parts of the question which are 5 marks each and in case of any doubt feel free to contact me anytime.

Sources: LEGISLATION, Case Law, text books(, Australian corporate law, 4th edn, LexisNexis Butterworths) and website(

PS:This assignment require extensive knowledge of Corporations Act/Law, reading and a lot of ORIGINAL RESEARCH WORK with proper references.

PPS: KINDLY USE 1.5 SPACING, Size 12 fonts, Font Type: TIMES NEW ROMAN.