Conversions to Diversity

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This assignment aims to provide you with an opportunity to examine your own familiar boundaries, encourage you to cross those boundaries, and encourage you to engage with others in diverse cultural and socioeconomic contexts. You will examine how similarity attraction theory fits within our study of diversity. Task 1. Discuss your answer to the diversity wheel exercise given in your course textbook Privilege, Power, and Difference.Spend thirty minutes assessing your congregants’ diversity wheel: Observe social hours, observe table fellowship after church, and assess how similarity attraction theory fits and, or don’t fit.Even in the social circle. Task 2. Biblical Reflection: Spend thirty min. using the diverse parts and roles described in 1st Corinthians 12 to assess the social power dynamics of your congregants. in 200 words Spend another hour identifying your theological conversion experiences. In your textbook Life Abundant: Rethinking Theology and Economic for a Planet in Peril, McFague ¬†offers her autobiography that marks 4 conversions embedded with theological reflections. How does McFague’s ¬†autobiography help identify with your own theological conversion experiences? Share your response in 200 words. Collate your responses into 750 Microsoft Word Document. I need this as soon as possible. Please, I know it came up to 3 pages.