Contemporary Developments in Business and Management

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There should be a chosen organization or industry-sector in a country. I want to choose Mercedes-Benz I will upload 17 questions about the changes in the financial environment and the answers should be related to chosen company(Mercedes-BENZ). The answers should consider how the factors have impacted or could impact on Mercedes-BENZ. Answers should be 150-200 words for per question and there should be clearly identified summary of chosen organization or industry-sector (Mercedes-Benz) The summary should be 200-300 words.
The expectation from the answers is exemplary answer which demonstrates evidence of complete knowledge, understanding and skills relevant to the question. Every question should have at least one example. there is no need to reference or bibliography. The originality of the answers is very important.
I have no time for revision so please follow the instructions carefully. I will upload slides of the lectures for the financial environment it must be helpful for the answers.
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