Construct an investigation that demonstrates the physics behind how a guitar works

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



1) Suitable historical context given in own words with footnotes / end notes referencing the source

2) Clearly identifies why this topic is of interest to the investigator and how it is related to everyday life, and describes a few phenomena that the physics can be applied to.

3) Description includes equations, all terms in equation clearly defined, and an appropriate accompanying description of the relevant physical law / theories. 

4) Risk assessment – covers all reasonable risks. Consequence and likelihood of risks estimated properly and used to calculate risk. High risk activities avoided.

5) It is very clear as to how it shows this investigation is related to the chosen topic, and the investigation tests what it sets out to test.

6) Enough data is collected that uncertainties can be estimated (measurements repeated) and graphs drawn.

7) Suitable details of the investigation are given, the reader can easily repeat the experiment.

8) Include photos of the guitar, with clear captions showing the experimental set up.

9) Analysis of data, requires graphs (Labelled appropriately) and uncertainties are accounted for.

10) Conclusions are clear and concisely stated.

11) Clarity of report is easy to read and arguments easy to follow.