connecting conversations

connecting conversations

asked to discern the connections (the conversations) that exsist amount three manageable texts from three seperate diciplines. you need to discuss the same topic but from different perspectives or view points. the thesis you contruct should be centered around medical practice, ethics and the human ability from accomplishment. your thesis will vary depending upon your own individual interpretation of the “conversation” taking places between the texts. this assignment involves you findin, via research, at least one of the texts to include in the conversation. you should use resources accessible through the inernet such as CUNY library or other sources except wikipedia and other websites, .EDU or .ORG websites are good.

  • Books needed to be discussed quotes from each book need to be discussed use over 3-4 quotes each book, Discuss the perspectives of each authors and there view points of the books then relate all three authors and books and try to connect them together to show similiarity and differences

  • BOOK 1 – Oxygen (Novel) by Carol Cassella – read the wntire book and then discuss it

  • BOOK 2 – An Anthropologist on mars by oliver Sacks (read page 188-243 the Prodigies Tale )

  • BOOK 3 any college Book related to medical practice, ethics and the human ability for accomplish ments